International Property Measurement Standards (IPMS 3): what do they mean for landlords and occupiers?

IPMS 3 is the basis of measurement for valuation and the marketing of offices which replaced the 'Net Internal Area' (NIA) basis of measurement from 1 January 2016.


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IPMS 3 uses the term ‘useable floor area’ meaning space for the exclusive use of an occupier.

IPMS 3 reports on:

• Useable floor area (previously NIA)

• Limited floor area (additional areas that need measuring, but don't make up any of the useable floor area used for rent calculation) and

• Office total (total of limited use area plus useable floor area)

Examples of limited floor area that must now be measured include balconies/rooftop terraces, internal structural walls, columns, common walls, walkways, shared circulation areas and areas less than 1.5m in height.

IPMS is mandatory for RICS qualified chartered surveyors, but as a landlord, you can ‘opt out’ as long as you give a valid reason to your instructing agent in writing.

Whilst the rentalised area shouldn't increase with IPMS 3 because the useable floor area calculations are similar to NIA, I would recommend taking early specialist advice so as to avoid confusion over inclusions and exclusions from floor area calculations.



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