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Finding a location that offers the very best tax advantages might be your first thought, but choosing a jurisdiction that is to become your home is about settling somewhere that works for your wealth and ultimately your family too.

Guernsey is an independent, low tax jurisdiction which ranks as one of the top offshore finance centres in the world. It is a beautiful and secure island where traditional values sit at the very heart of everyday life. It’s a place where everyone enjoys respect and privacy, and has many business and leisure opportunities. The island also benefits from excellent schools and a first class health service.

Tax and your wealth

Income Tax in Guernsey is generally less than the UK with a flat rate of only 20%. The Island has no Capital Gains, Inheritance, Value Added of Withholding Taxes. There are also a number of favourable tax allowances and the facility for those with high incomes, to "cap" their liability. Guernsey uses the pound sterling which makes banking easier when moving from the UK. 

Ogier's High Value Residency Team can assist with the legal and regulatory aspects of your relocation to Guernsey, the acquisition of your property, estate planning and if required the set up of related businesses in Guernsey.

In addition, as your trusted legal adviser Ogier is well placed to introduce you to local accountants, bankers, trust and investment specialists, who can help you to structure your wealth.

High Value Residency

Our High Value Residency Team has a leading reputation.  We are responsive, professional and discreet and are well known for our first class service.

We advise both domestic and international clients on buying and selling residential property in Guernsey and provide a range of services relating to the purchase and ownership of Guernsey property assets.

Our wider services include advising on relocations to Guernsey and high value residency applications in conjunction with trusted tax advisers, co-ordinating surveyors, architects, site and property finding professionals as well as private banks to provide a seamless and personal service to our high net worth clients.

Many of our clients spend substantial sums on developing and/or renovating their Guernsey property and we assist in the negotiation and appointment of designers, architects and other professionals, as well as guiding them through the complexities of obtaining the necessary permits in Guernsey.

Our global client base includes international clients relocating to Guernsey, locally based clients buying and selling family homes and investment properties, clients with international property interests and high value residential developers and funders.

Many wealthy or high profile clients are particularly concerned about privacy issues, and we ensure their anonymity is protected at all times.

Visit the Locate Guernsey Website for more information on moving to Guernsey.

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